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S4’s older but shorter sibling. S2 first appeared fall of 2017 (?) and survived one iteration. Since then, a handful of people have asked about its return. Well, it’s here. Now is your chance. We made a batch of them and who knows if we will make them again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 


1/4” thick black G10

1” wide at the handle 

6” overall length 

2 1/2” blade length (reverse edge, chisel grind)

2 1/4” handle length (hilt to pommel)

Black thermoplastic sheath with RCS IWB Overhook Strut

Key Features

Compact design

finger choil for confident grip in either orientation

100% metal-free system 

G10 knives come packaged in original Black Triangle VHS case and includes a Ninja Force holographic sticker.

Black Triangle S2

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