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Static Sheath: comes with Technora static line

Clipped sheath: comes with inside the waist band clip, similar to our other sheaths  

Static and Clipped: Comes with 1x Donovan Mini, 1x Static Sheath, 1x Clipped Sheath

A Black Triangle Donovan, but smaller. Its an easily concealable non-metallic knife for self-defense.

5 3/8” overall length

3/4” wide

1/4” thick black G10

 -Included with tool is a taco-style high-grade thermoplastic sheath

-Sheath system includes braided Technora lanyard for neck or belt line static carry.

-System is 100% metal-free.

Every G10 knife comes packaged in original Black Triangle VHS case and includes a Black Summer II holographic sticker.

Black Triangle Donovan Mini

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