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Low profile hardware kit contents and features:


  • (2) 1/4” low profile Chicago Screws brand combo screws with reusable thread patching (pre applied threadlocker)
  • (2) steel washers
  • (2) steel square nuts makes it easy to counter hold with a wrench in tight areas
  • Standard DMG/Cu finish on all components: Color - DCC dark matte grey. Non reflective and resists corrosion very well
  • Monoblock is engineered to be mounted directly to the holster body or other solid surface. Recommended hardware configuration from top to bottom: Screw, steel washer, monoblock clip, body of the holster. The nut is placed on the inside. For some applications, the metal washer can be placed behind the clip or may not be used at all.

6 Pc Hardware Kit For Monoblock

  • 新品の製品に対して特に必要なケアはありません

    軽いひっかき傷や摩耗痕がついた場合はWD40で塗油して糸くずの出ない布等でしっかりと圧力をかけて拭き上げてください 植物油や鉱物油、モーターオイル等でも構いません これにより見た目が良くなります

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