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We took the best features of our top-performing knives and put them into one product. It has the blade profile of the Donovan, tip strength of the Senka, & index point of the MK4. The S4 sheath is cut with a hook for pocket carry & comes clipped with a Raven Concealment IWB Overhook Strut. As all of our G10, S4 is a 100% metal-free system.


1/4” thick black G10

7 1/4” overall length

3 1/2” blade length (reverse edge, chisel grind)

3 3/4” handle length (hilt to pommel)

Black hemp jute wrap

Key Features

Ergonomic handle

Index at pommel for confident draw

Hooked sheath for IWB or pocket carry

G10 knives come packaged in original Black Triangle VHS case and includes a Ninja Force holographic sticker.

Black Triangle S4

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